There was much pre-event media coverage of the “great American eclipse” and the expected influx of visitors to the path of totality on August 21st. From large cities with plenty of visitor infrastructure (Nashville) to the smallest community with limited hotel space (Hopkinsville, Ky.), destinations prepared to welcome visitors.

With the total eclipse corridor being so close, we certainly didn’t expect, nor did we get many visitors viewing our partial eclipse. Many of us went outside with our special glasses and watched the 96% coverage and then went back to work. All of us knew the eclipse was a big deal. But what were we expecting and how did we fare? 

If you are NOT looking to grow your business, please don’t read this!

Okay, so if you are reading this, you are looking to grow your business. Too often, people get stuck in their own heads. They consider what should be instead of what could be.  Since I’ve been serving the Southern Indiana tourism community these past 3 years, I’ve found a lot of potential to serve more group tours in Clark and Floyd counties.  

I can’t stress enough how much potential there is. So, why aren’t we better known among the Group Tour community?

Here are some theories I have: