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CTB Services

Want creative options for your group tour experience? You promise unique experiences on your tours, and we can help you deliver them. The staff at SoIN Tourism Bureau is here to help!

Whether you have a set itinerary or you’re looking for new ideas, contact Todd Read, Trade and Consumer Sales Manager at SoIN. He can connect you with the area’s contacts and businesses who can make your tour a smashing success. He’ll also inform you of our incentive plans and provide you with suggested itineraries.

Contact Todd Read for:

  • Site visits

  • Planning assistance

  • Sample itineraries

  • Meal suggestions

  • Familiarization tours


Itinerary Building

Let us help you plan itineraries to give your customers exceptional insight into Southern Indiana. Whether your tour caters to specific niches or satisfy a broad range of tastes, we can assist you in planning an itinerary to fit your needs. Contact the sales department for SoIN itinerary ideas.

Site Visits

You have a choice of more than 1,600 rooms at 37 different locations. The Bureau is happy to help you narrow your search and find the right fit for your group. Need a quote? We can steer you in the right direction or obtain one for you. Have questions about different facilities? We’ll be happy to answer them and provide local insights to help with your decision making.

We can arrange individual site visits or familiarization tours for group planning professionals. We also provide comprehensive information to help you assess the area for your group’s needs.

Promotional Materials

To help you promote your tour to SoIN, the staff at SoIN Tourism will provide you promotional materials, profile sheets, and images to get customers excited about your upcoming trips. They are available at no cost to you when used to promote a tour to our area.