The “up-and-coming” craft culture is anything but new to folks in SoIN. It has long been a way of life for Midwesterners. Our story comes with the passions of our brewers, makers, and crafters. The authentic flavors our brewers produce are informed by the places they have visited and the flavors they’ve tasted along the way.

The beer makers of SoIN have followed their passions: hops, grains, yeast and the food that goes with their creations. Folks here like to get involved. They don’t just drink beer; they want to get the hops and barley and find out what makes a good brew. 

The Midwestern heritage in Clark and Floyd Counties is also tinged with a taste of bourbon – we’re just a mile away from Louisville. That bourbon culture seems to flow through the Ohio River into southern Indiana. 

In SoIN, we were crafty before craft was cool. You can raise a glass and taste that craft culture in a choice of breweries that make their own or restaurants and tap houses that celebrate it with local and regional brews. 

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