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Southern Indiana and Louisville, KY offer one-of-a-kind museums that are a can't miss when visiting the region. There are museums for just about every interest from art to history to sports and more!

Two of the most popular museums in southern Indiana are the Falls of the Ohio and the Culbertson Mansion. The Falls of the Ohio which is located directly on the Ohio Riverside is where Merriwether Lewis met up with William Clark before starting their journey through the Louisiana Territory to find a water passage to the Pacific Ocean. This exhibit will allow you to discover four different tunnels in time. The Culbertson Mansion is where you can take in the incredible architecture of the 19th century in a home that once belonged to the richest man in the state of Indiana. 

These three Louisville museums almost need no introduction, but you'll definitely want to take a quick trip across the Ohio River to visit them. Three must-see museums are the Kentucky Derby Museum,  Louisville Slugger Museum & Factory, and Muhammad Ali Center. These museums help show the culture of the city and really bring Louisville to life!

The Historic Gems of Jeffersonville

Three museums in SoIN have teamed up to create “Historic Gems of Jeffersonville,” a passport program that encourages you to learn more about the culture and history of Clark County, Indiana. Explore unique exhibits and educational opportunities at Clark County Museum, Howard Steamboat Museum, and the Vintage Fire Museum and Safety Education Center. Once stickers from all three locations are collected, you’ll receive a special gift to memorialize your achievement.

Pick up a passport at any of the three museums or when you stop in at the Southern Indiana Visitor Center (228 Spring St., Ste 106, Jeffersonville).