Downtown Jeffersonville's Big Four Station Park was transformed into something beautiful May 24-28.  Bands and festival-goers from around the world joined for Abbey Road on the River to play tribute to the music and message of the Beatles.  Here's a look back in photos.

Abbey Road Jukebox Beatles

The Puerto Rican band Jukebox Beatles performed "I Want to Hold Your Hand" and other early Beatles' hits on main stage Saturday.

Abbey Road Petty Hearts band

(above) The Petty Hearts paid tribute to the late Tom Petty and his band, The Heartbreakers. They were a crowd and Big Four Bridge passerby favorite on Friday night (below).

Abbey Road The Petty Hearts

 Abbey Road dancing

People sang along and danced and... 

Abbey Road friends in tie-dye

dressed alike in tie-dye, and also...

 Abbey Road 60's fashion

loved wearing fashion from the '60's and '70's.

Abbey Road peace art 

The Jeffersonville Arts Alliance "Give Peace a Chance" interactive art displayed colorful ribbons on which people wrote what they believe the world needs. 

Abbey Road America the band

The band, America, performed some of its well-known hits from the '70's...

Abbey Road America band

including "Sister Golden Hair," "I Need You," and "Horse With No Name."  

Abbey Road Saturday night crowd

The band drew a large crowd Saturday evening, contributing to the estimated 8,000 people who attended Abbey Road on the River on Saturday

Abbey Road peace lady

We're so happy you enjoyed Abbey Road on the River 2018.
See you on May 23-27 in 2019!