Southern Indiana might conjure images of rolling farmland and charming small towns, but beneath the surface, a revolution is brewing – one led by women entrepreneurs. While history books document the achievements of the past, the future boasts a narrative yet to be penned, and it's women who are holding the quill. Let's explore the exciting chapters being written in the story of women in SoIN! 

The Prologue

Overcoming barriers, embracing differences, and thriving against the odds – that's the story of many extraordinary women entrepreneurs, including Jacquline “Jackie” Wilson, owner of The Prologue Venue in New Albany. Join us as we learn from Jackie's unique path and the insights it offers for a more inclusive future of business.

Who inspires you? 
In business, Lin Smith Jerome. She is a female entrepreneur who owns seven restaurant concepts. Her passion for people, her drive for supporting female-owned as well as minority-owned business. 

In life, my mother and my cousin. These are two women who have a heart of gold and are strong in their faith. These two women have the personality of what all women should strive to be like.

Jackie the Prologue

What unique experiences have you faced as a woman entrepreneur in your industry, and what exciting possibilities do you see for the future?
The biggest challenge is gaining trust as a female entrepreneur. I’m excited to see more females start their own business in the event and wedding industry.

What message of encouragement do you have for fellow women entrepreneurs, especially those starting their journey?
Step out and do it. You will regret not doing so. The risk could be worth it, but you never know unless you try.

In your opinion, what local initiatives could further empower women-owned businesses in our community? 
Conferences, courses for women only in entrepreneurship, monthly gatherings to have a speaker come talk about the different aspects of being a business owner.

What is your perfect day in SoIN?

Coffee Crossing Cocktails

My perfect day in SoIN is a Saturday. I start the morning off with visiting either 7 Brew for a hot white mocha or Coffee Crossing's hot White Moose. I head to the Farmers Market in downtown New Albany or Jeffersonville. I’ll hop from booth to booth. I typically spend the afternoon shopping in the neighborhood.

Board & You Steak

For dinner, I like to pop into The Exchange or Board and You!

The Prologue

You can keep up with Jackie and The Prologue Venue on their website

Women like Jackie are not just building businesses; they're building legacies, paving the way for future generations to dream bigger and reach higher. This is just a glimpse into the history yet to be made by women in Southern Indiana business. The chapters are waiting to be written, the stories waiting to be told. One thing is certain: the future is bright, and it's female-driven. It's time to turn the page and witness the her-story unfold, a testament to the power, resilience, and ambition of Southern Indiana's women entrepreneurs.

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