Southern Indiana is a delightful destination for coffee lovers. SoIN is home to various coffee shops, each with its own unique vibe. Some offer quiet and calming atmospheres, perfect for enjoying a book or catching up on work, while others are bustling with energy, making them great spots for catching up with friends over your favorite cup. Keep reading to learn more about the best coffee shops in SoIN!

Locally Roasted Brew

Starlight Coffee Pumpkin

Starlight Coffee Co.
Known as Southern Indiana’s oldest and only in-house roasting coffee shop, Starlight Coffee Co., has been serving up fresh cups of joe since 2002. Stop by any of the 5 area locations and try their signature Starlight and Log Cabin lattes or create your own with their wide variety of sauces and syrups. Starlight Coffee Co. offers alternative drink options such as hot or iced tea, fruit smoothies and lemonades. Make sure to pair one of their delicious baked goods with your beverage!


Coffee House Vibes

Mickey's Coffee Bookstore

Coffee + books = heaven! Mickey’s is New Albany’s only bookstore that serves tea, coffee, and local baked goods! Shop the shelves for used books or sit amongst the shop’s greenery while you enjoy your beverage. The shop frequently hosts open mic poetry readings in the evenings as well as open jam sessions. Live music, comedy shows, and other events are also held at the shop. Want to know what’s going on? Check out Mickey’s Facebook page for event updates!


Coffee Cocktails

Coffee Crossing Cocktails

Coffee Crossing
Boasting 7 area locations, Coffee Crossing has become a tried-and-true coffee shop for locals and visitors alike. Sip on one of their signature drinks like the Railroad (red raspberry mocha) or the Criss-Cross (chocolate and white mocha) or keep it simple with a house latte. If you’re not in the mood for coffee, try one of their lotus energy sodas, which are available in multiple flavors. Fun fact: The Downtown Jeffersonville location offers seasonal cocktails!


Cozy Coffee Shops

True North Coffee House

True North Coffee House
Located in Downtown New Albany, this coffee shop’s homey atmosphere is the perfect place to enjoy your next brew with some friends. True North proudly serves Quill’s Coffee, which was founded in 2007 just across the River in the Germantown neighborhood of Louisville, KY.

Super Kid Mural

True North’s seasonal menus keep things fun and fresh (we’re currently loving the Sticky Bun and Peanut Brittle lattes from the winter menu). On your way out be sure to check out the nearby “Space Cats” and “Super Kid” murals!

Kolkin Coffee

Kölkin Coffee
Enjoy gourmet coffees, teas, hot chocolate, and other specialty drinks at Kölkin Coffee in New Albany. The shop’s name is Danish, translating to “river eddy,” which is the calm pocket of a river, away from the rapids. Like a river eddy, this coffee shop is the perfect place to rest, regroup and reflect. Take a seat on the comfy couch and enjoy reading or journaling while sipping on one of their signature lattes like the “Black Bear” or the “Kayaker.” Commemorate your visit by purchasing a Kölkin Coffee logo sweatshirt or mug.


Game Night Out

Pearl Street Games and Coffee House

Pearl Street Game and Coffee House
Catch up with friends or family over coffee and a game here. Pearl Street’s menu features classic coffee and espresso options, teas, smoothies and more. Be sure to check out their delicious rotating seasonal menus. With over 55 games available to play, you and your crew can have hours of fun. Make it an official game night and book your table online. Pearl Street hosts rotating main events, which include Open Game Night, Friday Open Magic: The Gathering, Saturday Open Dungeons & Dragons, and the Sunday Constructed League event for Magic: The Gathering.

Village Coffee House

Village House Coffee
This family-owned coffee shop located along State Road 64 is a can’t-miss. We recommend their hand-crafted shaken espressos with flavor options like brown sugar, caramel apple streusel and more! Village House’s non-coffee beverages include teas, fresh fruit smoothies, Italian cream sodas and more. Choose from their array of baked goods or order the fan-favorite breakfast burrito to pair with your cup of joe. The shop hosts themed trivia nights, perfect for a night out with friends or family. Check their Facebook page for the latest trivia updates.


Kid’s Choice Coffee Shops

Hope Coffee

Hope Coffee

Hope Coffee Co.
This Sellersburg-located nonprofit coffee shop run by the Rock of Hope Church aims to provide a feel-good space where people can spend time with friends and family. Indulge in their signature latte “The Mood,” which is a toasted marshmallow and caramel coffee drink, or switch things up and enjoy one of their teas or smoothies. Two things we adore about the shop are the flower wall, perfect for a mini photoshoot with your beverage of choice, and the kids' corner, which features a tiny barista bar.

Charlestown Coffee and Cream

Charlestown Coffee & Cream
Why choose when you can have it all? Charlestown Coffee and Cream offers coffee, ice cream, teas, cookies and more! Experience the best of both worlds with a cold brew or espresso shake or enjoy one of their flavored lattes (we recommend the coconut or white chocolate raspberry!) Play a game or let the little ones’ imaginations run wild in “the boat,” a designated play area that features a steering wheel and telescope. Don’t forget to grab a reward punch card during your visit, which gets you $3.50 off your purchase after 10 coffee/ice cream purchases!


Brews & Bites

My Cup Coffee

My Cup Runneth Over Coffee & Charcuterie Café
This small-town gem located in Borden offers delicious coffee and non-coffee beverages at unbeatable prices. From lattes and frappes to cappuccinos and cold brews, there’s something for every coffee lover. We know this blog is about coffee, but we must mention the shop’s mouth-watering charcuterie grayze boxes and hand-dipped Borden Berries that you can order here!