April 17 - Big Four Pedestrian Bridge and The Belle of Louisville 

Get creative and brighten your day!

If your child loves to color (or you loved it as a child), we have an activity for you! SoIN Tourism’s landmarks coloring pages offer a chance for kids or adults to be creative. Anyone can join in on the fun.

SoIN Tourism has designed several iconic landmarks coloring pages. Want more coloring fun? Stay tuned! We will post a new coloring page every Friday on our social media channels. (link to channels?) Download each of them!

When you’re done, why not share them! Send us a picture of your completed masterpieces. Check out your completed artwork below!

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Coloring Page - Bridge Four Station Bridge and the Belle of Louisville


April 9 - The Culbertson Mansion State Historic Site

A masterpiece in Victorian artistry, the Culbertson Mansion is one of twelve Indiana State Historic Sites. Built in 1867, this French Second-Empire Eclectic Manse encompasses more than 20,000 square feet and contains 25 rooms, reflecting the affluence of William Culbertson, a man once considered to be the wealthiest in Indiana.

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Culbertson Mansion Coloring Page


April 3 - Previous Coloring Page: Lewis and Clark’s Handshake Statue

This week’s coloring page features the Lewis and Clark Handshake Statue at the Falls of the Ohio State Park. On the Indiana side of the Ohio River in Clarksville, the statue marks the site where the explorers met up and shook hands, as documented in Stephen Ambrose’s book, “Undaunted Courage.”

In 2019 this spot in southern Indiana was officially added to the Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail! 

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Lewis and Clark Handshake Coloring Page


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Rilee S.

Coloring Page Completed
Nora S.

Coloring page completed
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