Local favorites north of Louisville  

Having grown up in Floyd County, going away for college, working a few years in Indianapolis, then settling back home has made me so appreciative of our local golf courses in Floyd and Clark Counties. My feelings toward our local golf courses were recently summed up by a friend of mine from Indianapolis as we played Hidden Creek Golf Club in Sellersburg, Ind.


“You all are so lucky to have the full spectrum of golf here,” he said. “You have courses for every skill level and price point, and none of the courses sacrifice quality.”  

I can confirm what my friend said. I have played courses in 14 states and four countries, and I can say with confidence that we are in a class of our own. Having a variety of course styles, types of fairway grass, and scenery is a golfer’s dream.  

So, I wanted to share some thoughts from four golfers that have played every course multiple times. The following three individuals classified themselves as avid golfers who play more than once a week. The other two are golfers who play about once a week or less. 

Want some insight into our area’s courses? I asked each of them questions about where they play. View their responses below. You might just find a new favorite course.  

Which course has the best birdie opportunities?  

  1. The New Albany Golf Course (formerly New Albany Country Club) - Chelsea Kellams
  2. Covered Bridge Golf Club in Sellersburg, Indiana. The course is a very fair layout with generous landing areas off of the tees and very few “forced carries” requiring golfers to hit their approach shots into greens over hazards. On most holes, the fairways run up to the front of the greens, allowing shots to be run onto the putting surface with a lower ball flight, rather than requiring a high spinning shot to stay on the green. - Jake Vissing 
  3. Covered Bridge Golf Club has the best opportunities for birdies because it really rewards a good tee shot. - Chris Smith 
  4. Well, I don’t get many birdies but once in a while, an opportunity presents itself. For me, the best opportunity is at Elk Run Golf Club, as I play it more than the others. - Rick Lovan 

Sign for the Elk Run Golf Course

Which course in Southern Indiana has the best greens?  

  1. Covered Bridge Golf ClubChelsea Kellams
  2. The best greens in Southern Indiana are at Elk Run Golf Club in Jeffersonville, Indiana (formerly known as the “Jeffersonville Elks”). Elk Run is an older, mature course with bent grass greens that roll like billiards tables. Late in the summer, these greens can become quite quick, but they roll true at any time during the golf season. - Jake Vissing 
  3. Champions Pointe Golf Club has the best greens in Clark and Floyd County.  - Chris Smith 
  4. All of the courses here are well cared for. I think the Elk Run Golf Club course and Wooded View Golf Course have nice greens. - Rick Lovan 

What is your favorite course in Southern Indiana? 

  1. Covered Bridge Golf Club - Chelsea Kellams
    What do you like most about this course?  
    It’s an open course, easy to play, and challenging at times.  
    What is your favorite hole on this course and why? 
    Number 3. It’s right after you drive over the beautiful covered bridge. It’s my favorite because par threes, in general, give you a break from the longer holes, but the pond to the right/in front of the green (depending on hole placement) gives you a challenge. 
  2. Champions Pointe Golf Club in Henryville, Indiana. - Jake Vissing
    What do you like most about this course?  
    The course conditions and the diverse layout make Champions Pointe a true golfing gem in Southern Indiana. Skilled golfers are sure to find a challenge at Champions Pointe with its surprisingly undulating terrain, well-placed hazards, and creative layout, which will require them to utilize all of the clubs in their bag. 
    What is your favorite hole on this course and why? 
    My favorite hole at Champions Pointe is the (par 4) 7th hole. The hole is demanding from start to finish, beginning with a visually intimidating tee shot to a two-tiered fairway bisected by a large bunker and heavy rough and ending with a large, undulating putting surface protected by bunkering on the left and a tightly mown collection area on the right. The beauty of the 7th hole is that it provides more generous landing areas than your eyes can detect, both from the tee and into the green. If one can overcome the visual intimidation and execute solid golf shots, they might walk to the 8th tee with a birdie. The 7th hole at Champions Pointe is a microcosm of golf itself—it tests your mind, your skill, and your nerve. 
  3. Champions Pointe Golf Club in Henryville, Indiana. - Chris Smith
    What do you like most about this course?  
    The rough can be a challenge and you are rewarded for good tee shots in Zoysia Fairways.   
    What is your favorite hole on this course and why? 
    My favorite hole at Champions Pointe is number 15. Number 15 is a par 3 that requires a solid shot in order to carry the bunker short of the green. It is downhill, which presents a challenge in club selection. The green is large, which can present a long putt if your tee shot is placed on the wrong side of the green.  
  4. As you can already tell it is Elk Run Golf Club. I live across the street from hole #7, and one of my college buddies is one of the owners. I would say the best staff (courteous & professional) is at Covered Bridge. I consider it a treat to play there. - Rick Lovan


Cory Cochran 
Lifelong golfer and resident of Floyd County, Ind.