Luanne Mattson and Regina Walker-Tekulve will attend the 2015 Travel Media Showcase in Bloomington, Indiana. They’ll promote the area to journalists who will be coming from Utah, Connecticut, Virginia, and even as far as Australia.

Meetings with Travel Writers

If you have ever attended a national travel trade show or if you read about Kate Kane’s trip to the American Bus Association Marketplace, you are familiar with the way these shows work. Similar to speed dating, the exhibitors will be matched to journalists who express an interest in our area. Exhibitors and writers meet to discuss common interests and talk about what the destination might offer them. Over Travel Media Showcase’s two days of appointments, we’ll be busy promoting Clark and Floyd Counties to these writers.

Local Familiarization Tours

We’ll also participate in local tours that will showcase the Bloomington area. While these local tours make look like all fun and games, they serve an important purpose. We will have the chance to bond with the travel writers and develop relationships with them – something we may not be able to do in our allotted 15-minute, back-to-back appointments.

We’ll get to know the journalists better by having time to experience the local culture alongside them. We will have a chance to learn what makes them tick and what piques their interest. We can then offer ideas about our destination that we know will interest them more.

For more information, please contact Luanne Mattson, director of communications, or Regina Walker-Tekulve, marketing & communications assistant.