CLARKSVILLE, IN (August 3, 2023) – The future of development in South Clarksville becomes even brighter with the announcement that the area has been selected as the preferred location for a new Southern Indiana Conference Center. That decision was the result of a feasibility study commissioned by SoIN Tourism and conducted by Johnson Consulting, which compared the location in South Clarksville to the former Jeffboat site in Jeffersonville.   

The study examined funding strategies for the conference center project; a summary of various public-private partnership structures; preliminary cost estimates; an assessment of the project's various risks along with strategies for mitigating those risks; and recommendations for both the site and management structure of the facility.  It was determined that Clarksville was the preferred site due to lower costs, the ability to get the project faster to market, and because the site is located in the new South Clarksville development area.   

“Our vision for South Clarksville is to transition from a former industrial area into a walkable community with immediate access to retail, restaurants, parks, and other recreational opportunities,” said Kevin Baity, Clarksville Town Manager. “A future hotel and conference center was always a part of that vision, so this feasibility study simply confirms that South Clarksville is the place to be.” 

To make that vision a reality, the Town of Clarksville will be growing its partnership with SoIN Tourism for the development of the conference center. 

“The release of the feasibility study’s Phase III results marks the end of a lengthy process that SoIN Tourism embarked on pre-pandemic,” said Jim Epperson, Executive Director of SoIN Tourism. “Johnson Consulting has provided us with more than enough evidence showing Southern Indiana is a prime location to host events and conferences. Now, with a preferred site identified, the real work begins as we advance this initiative further.” 

The conference center project is in the very early stages, so a timeline for design and construction has not been set.  SoIN Tourism, the Town of Clarksville, and the Clarksville Redevelopment Commission will be working together in the coming months to plan for the development of the conference center project.  Although there is a long road ahead, Clarksville leaders are excited to get started.   

“Good news never gets old,” said Ryan Ramsey, Clarksville Town Council President. “The momentum in South Clarksville keeps growing and we are beyond excited to help bring a much-needed Conference Center to Southern Indiana.” 

To see the Conference Center feasibility study in full, visit the Town of Clarksville website at

Click here to download Phase I, Phase II and Phase III documents. 


Ken Conklin, Communications Director
Town of Clarksville
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Anna Rosales-Crone, Communications Manager
SoIN Tourism
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About SoIn Tourism 
SoIN Tourism is the official destination marketing organization for Clark & Floyd counties, located just north of the Ohio River in Southern Indiana. The mission of SoIN Tourism is to promote and develop the unique Southern Indiana visitor experience brand to priority targeted group and leisure travelers to achieve new tourism spending benefits for the industry, communities and residents of Clark and Floyd counties. Tourism is the eighth largest industry in Clark and Floyd counties. 
About the Town of Clarksville 
On the banks of the Ohio River, the Town of Clarksville is a community that more than 23,000 people and 600 businesses call home. Located between Jeffersonville and New Albany, Clarksville is a blend of old historic sites and new shopping, business, and residential areas.  Clarksville is the oldest American town in the old Northwest Territory, which included present-day Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin and part of Minnesota. Located on the Falls of the Ohio, the town was founded in 1783 by the legislature of colonial Virginia to recognize the Revolutionary War service of George Rogers Clark and the men of his small army. Clark conceived and commanded the campaign that secured the entire Territory for the new United States. 


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