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Nine Penny Branch Nature Preserve

  • 3019 Tunnel Mill Rd #3143, Charlestown, Indiana 47111
Explore the enchanting Nine Penny Branch, featuring an ancient mesic upland forest dominated by beech and tulip poplar. Immerse yourself in the beauty of young, second-growth forest areas. The preserve is graced by Nine Penny Run, which carves a scenic ravine through limestone bedrock, adorned with slabs, waterfalls, pools, and riffles. Trace history along the stream corridor with a former stagecoach route, marked by remnants of early stone fences. The newly equipped parking lot accommodates school buses and includes ADA parking. Embark on a 1/3-mile ADA trail leading to a captivating overlook. Continuing for an additional 0.4 miles, the ADA trail maintains a manageable grade but transitions from ADA surface. Discover a charming small waterfall at the end of this stretch. The ADA trail's round trip covers 2/3 mile, while the entire trail extends to a 1-mile round trip, inviting you to savor the natural wonders of Nine Penny Branch.