Trammel Fossil Park

Trammel Fossil Park is a 10-acre park located in Sharonville, Ohio.  Fossils originating from the Ordovician Period dating over 440 million years ago are readily found at the site.  Four formations are visible at the hillside park.  Signage at the park describes the types of fossils, a geologic timeline, and the four formations. 

Visitors are welcome to search and collect fossils but we ask that you only take a representative sample and leave specimens for others to see and collect.  Digging into the hillside is prohibited.  Fossils are best found as they wash out after the rain.   Close-toed shoes are recommended and caution is encouraged when climbing on the slopes especially when wet.  Park has limited amenities:  water fountain (April-November); picnic tables; portable restroom; parking. 

Trammel Fossil Park
(513) 563-2895
11935 Tramway Dr.
Sharonville, OH 45241