Malice Manor Haunted Attraction

Lord Rancor craved adventure and treasure of the most dangerous kind. Such thrills could only be found by sailing to haunted shores, through thick fog and questionable darkness. On his travels, Lord Rancor encountered all manner of creatures that would make you question reality, even your sanity. One such adventure, he encountered a darkness that infected his soul. Upon Lord Rancor's return to the Manor, this evil entity consumed his beloved family, his servants, and his home. All within its walls were cursed. Over the years, his adored wife Jilaiya, morphed into a hideous gremlin-like creature that dwells deep within the depths of the Manor. His daughter, Alice, vanished within the walls. Lord Rancor, riddled with his own madness, transformed into an ominous horned creature. The servants were transfigured into demonic creatures. The Manor took on a life of its own, twisting itself into an endless labyrinth of malice and mayhem. The manor devoured the souls of anyone who stepped into and has become known as MALICE MANOR Malice Manor also had outside of Halloween season events. Christmas Chaos in December, Blind Date in February, and Summer Staycation in July.