The Never Not Amazing Magic Show - Family Matinee

  • 4/21/2024
  • 610 E. Spring St., New Albany, IN 47150
  • 502-592-2530

Did you know that you have magic inside of you? It’s true. Each and every one of us carries a little piece of magic, but sometimes it takes a true wonder-worker to show you how to use it...Fortunately, we always have one on staff!

So step right through the door in the back of our little shop and enter the intimate theater hidden behind it. Discover for yourself the mysteries it has to offer in this family-fun adventure of spectacular thrills, specifically created for all of the fans of our store who have been asking for a kid-friendly program. The Never Not Amazing Show promises an afternoon matinee that is jam-packed with incredible illusions the likes of which you may have never seen before.

But don’t think for a second you can simply sit and watch the magic show. Just like so many of our productions, this is a fully immersive experience and we NEED EVERYONE'S HELP to make the magic happen. So come prepared with an open mind, an ambitious spirit, and an appetite for astonishment because we certainly intend to provide plenty of it every Saturday afternoon!!!

100% Astonishment Guaranteed

The Never Not Amazing Magic Show - Family Matinee
  • 610 E. Spring St.
  • New Albany, IN 47150
  • 4/21/2024
  • J&B Magic Shop and Theater
  • $15