When visiting the Falls of the Ohio State Park, visitors expect to see fossils, wildlife, and the Ohio River rushing through the McAlpine Dam. What you don't expect to see is art...made from plastic bottles, flip- flops, and cigarette lighters!

Here are some examples of artist Albertus Gorman's colorful, sometimes funny, and almost always whimsical art he creates from river refuse washed on shore.

Al Gorman lighter rainbow w_ Louisville skyline
Lighter Rainbow


Al Gorman's Styrofoam family
Styrofoam Family


Al Gorman flip flop spiral art
Flip-Flop Spiral


Al Gorman plastic rainbow
Petrochemical Plastics Rainbow


Al Gorman rainbow bottles
Rainbow Bottles


Al Gorman photo  Continue reading about Al Gorman and his work as "Artist at Exit 0" 

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How old are the fossils at the Falls of the Ohio? The Devonian-era fossils are 390 million years old.

When is the best time to hike down to the fossil beds? When river levels are low, which is typically during summer to early fall.

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