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Author: Mikael Attebury

Mikael is a Travel Counselor at the SoIN Visitor Center. He plays bass in a local band. A student at Indiana University Southeast, is studying music production and  has been producing music since age 16.

A bar appealing to “traditionalism” is often a gimmick. But for New Albany’s Pints&union, it is not. From the beer list to the decor, the English-style pub attempts to reinstate the old ways, and in convincing fashion.

The curated Pints&union’s beer list circumvents the typical beer culture you

A few weeks ago, a friend from France, Paul, came to the U.S. to visit his friends and family. He had a week to spend in Southern Indiana (what we locals call “SoIN”) and wanted to use every minute he could spare sampling all that we have to offer in the area.