Visitors who want a one-stop shop for travel information on Clark-Floyd Counties can find it at the Southern Visitor Center in Jeffersonville. Travel counselors here help visitors make the most of their time in our destination. Here’s a summary of the visitors we’ve helped.

Southern Indiana Visitor Center
(Jan.-Dec. 2016)

  • Total Visitors: 4,525
  • Total Sales: $6,537.85
  • Emails Collected: 127

Henryville I-65 Southbound Welcome Center
(Aug. – Dec. 2016)

  • Total Visitors: 2,987
  • Emails Collected: 23

Visitors Interests

When visitors fill out the registries in our centers, they are asked to circle their interests.  These are the totals for 2016 (note: we began tracking in August):

Not everyone who visits our destination stops at the visitor center. But this can give an insight into how we’re trying to understand our customers better … and to pass on that information to you.

Want to know more? Contact Todd Read, the visitor information coordinator.