October can be a scary month, but social media isn’t! Crafting content to engage your audience effectively -- getting them to like, comment, share, and click to your website -- involves these two simple how-to tips.

Know Your Audience

Who is your audience? People who have liked your Facebook page or are following you on Twitter, for example. What do you know about your audience? Do you know what types of content attract them best?  For SoIN Tourism, food posts—everything from Pinterest recipes to food blogs to articles announcing a new restaurant— always seem to be of interest to our audience!

Share Existing Content

Why does sharing a post garner more engagement? You’re gaining more viewers with one post, as the content is being seen on multiple Facebook pages/accounts. If the content relates to your business and is a message you want your audience to know, sharing content already out there is a simple step to achieve more audience engagement.

Here’s a shared post from the News & Tribune about the opening of Hull and High Water, a new restaurant in downtown New Albany:

Social media post on Go So IN

Reaching over 7,000 people, the shared post received:

  • 460 click-throughs
  • 168 likes/comments

Why was this post successful?

  • We knew our audience (food).
  • The post contained eye-catching content (video).
  • It was a shared post (more views).
  • The content was about something new (spiked interest).

So, what makes social media marketing less scary? Knowing your audience, and sharing existing content sure helps. Be sure you’ve liked our Facebook page and are following us on Twitter so we can share your posts!