Southern Indiana Visitor Center (in Jeffersonville)

Total number of visitors: 330
Total sales: $211.33
Emails collected: 5

Visitors came from the following states: Illinois, Ohio, Kentucky, Minnesota, Indiana, Texas, Georgia, Maryland, Tennessee, Michigan, Kansas, and Missouri

Here’s what they said:

“Live here and have never been in here. Very nice!”

“Love this place!”

What was the #1 reason for your visit? Some of the answers they gave:

  • 50th Wedding Anniversary
  • Mega Cavern
  • Pleasure
  • Vacation
  • Visit Falls of the Ohio
  • Information
  • Mini-vacation
  • Getaway
  • Seeing Tesla at the Louisville Palace
  • Farm Machinery Show
  • Music
  • University of Louisville visit
  • Want to see where Louisville Sluggers are made
  • Business

Henryville Welcome Center

Total number of visitor interactions:  500 (staffed only Thursday through Saturday)

Visitors came from: Indiana, Michigan, Wisconsin, Tennessee, Iowa, New York, Illinois, Russia, Quebec, Canada, and Ontario, Canada

What was the #1 reason for their visit?

  • Passing through
  • Going to Tennessee
  • Vacation

Do you have your information at the Visitor Center? Drop off your marketing material to our center in care of Todd Read, Visitor Information Coordinator.