Did you know you have a built-in referral source for your business? Here’s how SoIN Tourism’s Visitor and Welcome Centers refer visitors to your businesses. 

Southern Indiana Visitor Center in Jeffersonville 

The SoIN Visitor Center in Jeffersonville is open seven days a week (10-5 Monday – Saturday; 12-5 Sunday). The vestibule is open 24 hours a day and provides maps, rack cards on local attractions, and access to our visitor guide. A CTA™-certified travel counselor is on duty every day to answer visitors’ questions about our area, provide directions, and help build travel itineraries. 

Our busiest months are usually in warmer weather. We see a definite uptick in visitation March through October. In addition to staffing the visitor center, the travel counselors also work behind the booth at local and regional festivals such as the Keg Fest of Ale, Kentucky Derby Festival events, and the Nashville Southern Women’s show. 

Visitors to SoIN always appreciate a good map, good conversation, and eclectic ideas tailored to the length of their stay. It is part of our process to gauge each visitor’s specific interests and provide them with as many options as possible. We represent the attractions and interests of both Clark and Floyd counties. 

Henryville Welcome Center

The Henryville Welcome Center on I-65 Southbound is only staffed three days a week (Thursday –Saturday) from 9-5. 

Glenn Haven, our CTA™-certified travel counselor, helps thousands of travelers each year. While most visitors stop at a rest area for only the public facilities, Glenn goes out of his way to engage as many visitors as he can. 

Last year, Glenn started tracking anyone he speaks to or hands a map/rack card to while he’s on duty. Doing this engages the visitors in discussion about SoIN. From these discussions, more than one hundred people have signed up for our email newsletter. 

Due to the sheer volume of travelers, we were unable to track much data from the Henryville Welcome Center for many years. But, I challenged Glenn, and he stepped up. He has worked extremely hard to give us solid data on those stopping at the Welcome Center. And, all at the young age of 82 years old!

In 2017, staff at the Visitor and Welcome Centers have helped more than 11,000 visitors… and counting! 

Feel free to drop off brochures or rack cards to the visitor center or call me to discuss more ways to help visitors find out about your business.