Several tourism industry employees from SoIN have been nominated for their service excellence. Each year, the Louisville ROSE awards celebrate the frontline and behind-the-scenes employees who meet visitors and give these guests the first impression of our area. 

Who was nominated?  

  • Jiah Lock, Sheraton Louisville Riverside (Accommodations category)
  • Delesha Thomas, Carnegie Center for Art & History (Attractions category)
  • Tom Sellmer, Vintage Fire Museum (Volunteer category)

These tourism superstars of SoIN need your support. To find out more about the nominees and vote for them, click on the categories listed next to each person's name. 

Recognition of these hospitality superstars will be held at the Louisville Marriott on Friday, October 13 at the Downtown Marriott. Click here to purchase tickets to the awards luncheon. 

FAQs about the ROSE awards

Q. Why is it called the “ROSE” awards? 
A. ROSE stands for “Recognition Of Service Excellence.”

Q. Who can nominate an employee? 
A. Anyone in the tourism industry can nominate an employee. The call for nominations goes out during the summer. If you’re interested in nominating someone next year, look for information about the awards in next summer’s Tourism Tidbits newsletter. 

Q. How many categories are there? 
A. There are seven categories: 

  • Accommodations
  • Attractions
  • Dining
  • Behind the Scenes: accommodations and attractions 
  • Behind the Scenes: culinary arts 
  • Transportation 
  • Volunteer 

Q. How often can I vote? 
A. You can vote only once for a nominee in each category. 

Find out more about the nominations and the voting process