On Wednesday morning, I-65 south exit configurations changed, with Exit 0 closing. Exit 1, Stansifer Ave., will now be the last exit for Indiana from I-65 South. From Exit 1, drivers can access all southern Indiana points in Jeffersonville and Clarksville, or continue on US 31 South to Louisville.  

You probably communicate with your customers in many ways. We urge you to keep them informed across all communication channels. This will help you reach as many customers as possible, and it will help them find you.

Help them find you:

  1. Website. Post a notice on your website. If customers look you up on the Internet, a quick update with directions from the interstate can keep their trip to your door easy and hassle free.
  2. Newsletters. If you send out a newsletter, include this information in your next edition.
  3. Social media. If you use Facebook, Twitter, or other social media channels, post new directions on these platforms.

We have posted the Ohio River Bridges Project’s press release on our website. You are welcome to use this link in your communications.

Keep visitors and customers informed during construction. It’s just good business practice.

We will update you as we get new information. Thank you for your patience!