Partner Toolkit for Reopening after COVID-19 

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, we in the tourism and hospitality industry have reexamined our industry’s safety measures. As locals and visitors express the desire to get out of their homes and back into your business, it’s important to be prepared to welcome guests safely and to ensure you, your employees, and your customers are safe. 

The three things that have been drilled into our heads since the crisis began will continue to be important. Customers, residents, and employees will be hyper-aware of the need to continue the following practices.  

  1. Hand washing  
  2. Social (or Physical) Distancing  
  3. Personal Protective Equipment  

How will you incorporate these practices when you reopen? Each of your businesses addresses your customers’ needs in unique ways, so careful thought should be given to how you reopen and what measures you put in place to keep yourself, your staff members, customers, and visitors safe when they return to your business.  


Industry-Specific Resources 

Hotel and Lodging Resources  
Safe Stay Initiative by American Hotel & Lodging Association - Industry-wide hotel cleaning standards, toolkit, guidelines, and resources. Download the entire guidelines here. 

Q&A from the American Hotel & Lodging Association by Cozen O'Connor - Questions and answers for the hotel industry for planning and return to occupancy. 

Guidance for Restaurants & Bars to Maintain Healthy Business Operations by Center for Disease Control & Prevention - Brand new CDC guidelines for May 2020 as restaurants and bars begin to reopen. 

 The Hoosier Hospitality Promise by Indiana Restaurant & Lodging Association - Check out what guidelines and precautions that our state is doing and promising. 

Best Practices Retail Food Stores & Restaurants by U.S. Food & Drug Administration - Healthy best practices for restaurants and employees. 

Best Practices for Reopening Restaurants by U.S. Food & Drug Administration - As restaurants start to slowly reopen, here are the best practices. 

Farmers Markets 
Consumer Guide to Buying from Local Farmers by Purdue University - How to engage with your local farmers/farmers markets amid the pandemic. 


Indiana Resources  

Coronavirus in Indiana by Indiana State Department of Health - Stay up to date on coronavirus news in Indiana. 

Guidance for Workplaces  
“What Businesses and Employers Can Do to Prepare”  by Indiana State Department of Health - Guidance for employers during the COVID-19 response. 

Info on Indiana Testing  
Indiana’s Testing Information by Indiana State Department of Health - View Indiana's testing information and questions. 

Map of Testing Sites by Indiana State Department of Health - View map of Indiana's testing sites by county. 

Mental Health Resources  
Managing Mental Health by Be Well Indiana - Mental health support for the state of Indiana and communities around the world. 


Preventing the Spread of Coronavirus

General information about the spread of the virus is below. 

Coronavirus Information from the CDC  by Center for Disease Control and Prevention - Overall Coronavirus information brought to you by the CDC. 

How COVID-19 Spreads by Center for Disease Control and Prevention - How to prevent the spread of COVID-19 by the CDC. 

CDC Handwashing Posters by Center for Disease Control and Prevention - Posters you can print out for your place of business to promote clean hygiene. 

Social Distancing, Quarantine, and Isolation by Center for Disease Control and Prevention - National rules and guidelines for safe social distancing. 

Personal Protective Equipment Guidelines by Center for Disease Control and Prevention - Personal protective equipment guidelines to help slow the spread of coronavirus. 

Coronavirus and Travel in the United States by Center for Disease Control and Prevention - Learn about essential travel and travel recommendations within the U.S. 

Support for States, Tribes, Localities, and Territories by Center for Disease Control and Prevention - Key resources to get and keep your community open for business. 

Travel Confidently Toolkit by U.S. Travel - Health and safety is the number one concern for customers, learn how to help keep them safe and let them know that you're doing everything you can to keep them safe.